Ca' di Dio. Riva Ca' di Dio - Venice by Patricia Urquiola (photo credit Patricia Parinejad)

In evidence, the extraordinary flexibility of this material worked in its most prestigious formula: silicon dioxide. In collaboration with glass masters "Studio Berengo". The exhibition presents about forty works, previously unseen, and six historical assemblages, in which Cragg accumulates small groups of objects. Among these are his famous Bottles.

Tony Cragg, Untitled pencil on paper, Larder preserve jars

Tony-Cragg / Untitled, pencil on paper 697x50 (photo Michael Richter) / Larder 1999, Preserve jars (photo Lasse Koivunen)

It's always surprising to follow Tony Cragg's artistic path, with its sometimes unpredictable results, thanks to the numerous sketches on display. This fil rouge binds the Liverpool artist to the Murano glassmakers. For Cragg, the sculpture is a means of investigating nature and always arouses emotions.

In the case of glass, the challenge is to relate to what goes beyond the wonder of its transparency.

Tony-Cragg, Compound and Curl glass sculptures

Tony-Cragg /Compound 2015 (photo credit Francesco Allegretto) / Curl 2020 (photo credit Francesco Allegretto)

A visit to the museum is an opportunity to explore the beautiful spaces and perhaps stay in Venice at the new Hotel Ca 'di Dio by Patricia Urquiola, in the Arsenale area evolution of a thirteenth-century building in the intimate calli of the Castello district along the Riva degli Schiavoni. Here, luxury consists in hyper-personalization, off the traditional tourist itineraries. It is a large area that combines the rigor of Jacopo Sansovino's 16th-century work with the refinement of a historic Venetian residence.

Thanks to the restyling and artistic creations of Patricia Urquiola, the project is a hymn to the city of Venice: furnishings complement the original stuccoes and decorations. Here Murano glass, produced by master glassmakers in the historic LP Murano Glass Factory, as well as vases, furnishing, decorative objects and the splendid chandelier in the lobby are all musts.

Ca di Dio, venice Patricia Parinejad

Ca' di Dio - Venice by Patricia Urquiola (photo credit Patricia Parinejad)

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