Registration Policy

In order to access to the reserved area of the website and make online purchases, it is necessary to read and accept these registration conditions and terms.
1. Object and purpose of the registration on the Website

1.1. The Website (“Website”) is owned by Fp Art S.r.l., VAT n. IT01980390999, located in Via Ceccardi 3/5 16121 Genoa (GE) Italy, e-mail, telephone +39 010 3000632 (“Fp Art”).
1.2. These conditions discipline the registration to the Website of those (“Users”) who intend to access the reserved section of the Website, where it is possible to purchase the artworks exhibited on the Website (“Artworks”).
1.3. The registration allows free access to the reserved areas for registered Users and to receive, with the User’s consent, promotional information concerning the Website and Fp Art’s activity.
1.4. The registration is reserved for individuals who have reached the age of eighteen with the legal capacity to act, and for legal persons acting through the person with the necessary power to carry out the activities on the Website.
    2. Registration to the Website and account
    2.1. The registration is necessary to access the section reserved for registered Users, which allows the User to purchase the Artworks exhibited on the Website.
    2.2. For the registration it is required the correct and complete identification of the User: therefore, the User guarantees the truthfulness, completeness and update of the data provided at the time of registration and he undertakes to promptly notify Fp Art of any changes in personal data. The User undertakes not to provide incorrect, incomplete or false data or information regarding other subjects.
    2.3. The User declares to be invested with all necessary powers and capacity to act in order to carry out all the activities related to and consequent to the registration, including the purchase of the Artworks and payment of the price. Each User can have only one registration on the Website.
    2.4. To register on the Website the User must indicate some identifying information and in particular:
      • name and surname;
      • fiscal code;
      • address;
      • e-mail address;
      • certified e-mail address (“posta elettronica certificata”), if available;
      • (in case of registration of a legal person) the identification data of the legal person in the name and on behalf of which the User registers to the Website;
      • any further information on the registration page.
      2.5. For any communication concerning the registration and the online purchase activity, the User elects domicile at the addresses indicated at the time of registration. In case of changes of these addresses, the User is required to modify the data and information relating to such contact details in his/her reserved area of the Website.
      2.6. The use of the User’s personal and confidential identification codes (“Account”), generated at the time of registration, allows the User to access the reserved area of the Website.
      2.7. The Account is confidential and personal, not transferable to third parties, and it must be used exclusively for its intended use.
      2.8. Registration on the Website is free and for an indeterminate period of time. Fp Art has the right to temporarily suspend or permanently terminate the User’s registration on the Website, sending a communication to the User’s address. The User can request cancellation from the Website at any time, sending a communication to the addresses indicated at art. 1 of these conditions.
      2.9. These conditions of registration may change over time. The changes will be communicated to the User also by visualisation when the User accesses the reserved area of the Website through his/her Account. If the User does not accept the changes, he/she is required to request the cancellation of his/her registration. In the event that the User continues to use his Account and to access the Website, it will be agreed that he has entirely accepted the changes to these registration conditions.
        3. Website content and intellectual property rights - the Artworks
        3.1. The materials and documents published on the Website, of any nature (for example images, paintings, artworks exhibited for online purchases, sound documents, videos, photographs, single images or sequences of moving images, drawings etc.), and in general information and contents of the Website (“Contents”) are the full and exclusive property of Fp Art, of its assignors or of the authors of the Artwork and their successors, who hold the relative copyright for the whole world and for the duration provided for by law.
        3.2. Any use of the Contents that is not expressly permitted is to be considered prohibited. In particular, the intellectual property rights on the Artworks published on the Website are owned by the individual authors and their successors and any use of these rights is strictly prohibited. The reproduction, duplication, dissemination, communication to the public also via the internet, the exhibition and display of the Artworks, and any other use not expressly authorized by the author and his successors are prohibited.
        3.3. Fp Art trademarks and distinctive signs and all company names, logos and in general the distinctive signs used on the Website are the full and exclusive property of Fp Art and its successors and they are protected under applicable laws. Any reproduction or use of the Fp Art’s distinctive signs is prohibited.
        3.4. In case of requests, communications, reports of violations or questions regarding the use of the Contents of the Website, including the Artworks, please contact Fp Art at the addresses indicated above.
          4. Use of the Website by the User - Exclusion of warranty and limitation of Fp Art’s liability
          4.1. The User undertakes to use the Website lawfully and correctly, in compliance with all applicable regulations.
          4.2. The User guarantees that any content or information provided on the Website are his/her own property, or in any case that the User is entitled to use. The User undertakes to indemnify and hold Fp Art and all third parties harmless from any detrimental consequence.
          4.3. The Contents of the Website are published “as they are”, in the factual and legal conditions in which they are found (“as is”). In general, Fp Art does not leave any declaration or guarantee on the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of the Contents of the Website, except for the obligations concerning the sales contracts of the Artworks. The information, data and Contents of the Website are provided for information purposes only and they are general.
          4.4. Access to the Website and use of the materials take place under the sole responsibility and under the exclusive control of the User. Except for the mandatory provisions of the law, no responsibility can be attributed to Fp Art or to third parties in the event of damage caused by the use or non-use of the Website and of its Contents.
          4.5. Except for mandatory provisions of the law, Fp Art does not guarantee in any way to the User that access and use of the Website can take place continuously and without interruptions or errors. Fp Art declines any responsibility towards the User and third parties for the total or partial impossibility to access to the Website.
            5. Link
            5.1. Framing of pages or of portions of pages or of specific Website Contents is prohibited. It is therefore forbidden to reproduce, in whole or in part, the pages of the Website within other web pages.
            5.2. Internet websites other than the Website that can be accessed through the links contained within the Website are beyond any control of Fp Art, which cannot be held responsible for the content of such websites and the services they offer.
              6. Privacy notice and cookies
              Please visit the privacy notice and cookies pages for more information.
                7. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction
                7.1. This agreement is governed by Italian law.
                7.2. Any dispute relating to this agreement is devolved to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Turin, save the jurisdiction of other Courts in application of mandatory law provisions.

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