"What's New What's Next 2023", event by Cosulich Interiors, NYC

At 200 Lexington Avenue - NYC, the Genoa-based studio Fp Art showcased its distinctive style, a culmination of decades of experience. For over 20 years, Fp Art has been promoting 'Made in Italy' excellence globally, with a focus on the naval and hospitality industries.

The collaboration with Cosulich produced two outdoor sculptures, born from synergy with the American showroom, a product of inspiring teamwork.

Two outdoor sculptures design by Fp Art for Cosulich Interiors - New York

The highest level of customization is achieved through a close dialogue with artists/designers who create works using materials, measurements, and materials that can be expressly chosen by the client, according to their personal taste. This way, the works find the perfect placement and maximum enhancement, fully aligning with the preferences of collectors.

"What's New What's Next 2023", event by Cosulich Interiors - New York

Once again, Fp Art's team demonstrated, through their work, the deep connection between Italian artistic tradition and fine craftsmanship, highly valued abroad. They have become part of a new community that shares a passion for design and beauty, aiming to create environments where we can live our best lives with ourselves and the people we love.