Bubu Bear, sculpture created by Emanuela Giacco

Innovation Expo, an event attended by all cruise operators worldwide , is the perfect showcase where to present the creative concepts of Fp Art's team of designers and artists, dedicated to lovers of beauty and the sea. Imaginative, elegant, but above all unique solutions expressly created and customised for its customers.

Sumo Wrestler with butterflies

Fp Art is exhibiting some of its creations in this setting, including a sumptuous sculpture of a Sumo Wrestler with butterflies, one of the most acclaimed pieces from its collections, where the strength of the gesture and the solidity of marble blend with the gracefulness of flight.

Whale Tail - Fp Art Online

Whale Tail - recycled fabric, resin and acrylic sculptures

Setting the stage are Whale Tail and Tentacles, exclusive creations made entirely by hand using recycled materials such as resin-coated fabrics. Always in the name of sustainability, a monumental Bubu Bear (article cover image), created by Emanuela Giacco using recycled materials such as nautical ropes, cord, and resin, and a blue Swordfish realised in recycled plastic, will be on display.

Rings Sculptures by Fp Art

'Rings Sculptures' by Fp Art

Fp Art's famous Ring Sculptures, crafted in various blue tones and materials, find a perfect placement in the area overlooking the waterfront, evoking the vastness and colors of the ocean. Presence that will undoubtedly captivate the imagination of all visitors.

Food & Beverage themes are also an attraction of the Fair, offering new proposals in this sector as well.

An exclusive corner is dedicated to 'Seghepensu' - the concept that celebrates and raises the Ligurian gastronomic excellence to International attention - with a breathtaking panorama of Portofino in the background.
At the Innovation Expo, we present a vintage Piaggio Ape Car completely customized 'Seghepensu', ready to "sail" all over the seas.

Sumo Wrestler with butterflies

'Portofino Apecar' by Se Ghe Pensu

This original project, in which the concepts of hospitality and taste are linked to the best of Made in Italy, is being proposed to shipowners worldwide.

The Vintage Ape Car, with a kitchen certified according to USPHS regulations (required by American shipowners) can be either branded SEGHEPENSU offering our pesto and "trofie" pasta or be customised in the chassis and equipped inside ad hoc according to the customer's requests, offering any type of eno-gastronomic product wished. A true symbol of luxury and exclusivity.

During the CLIA CRUISE WEEK, Fp Art's team of specialists will dedicate themselves with their usual enthusiasm to telling the public about the various phases and the potential of each project. True Italian excellence in the fields of sculpture, decoration, accessories and collectors' items and, last but not least, haute cuisine, recognized in Italy and worldwide.