Benedetta Iovane's life revolves around the sea and sailing. Growing up in a family passionate about sailing, she took her first sailing course at the age of eight. Despite early challenges, Benedetta learned valuable lessons about the importance of balance and weight distribution in the world of sailing. As she matured, her love for the sea deepened, leading to experiences such as working as a deckhand on the Amerigo Vespucci.

"I have the soul of a navigator. I always like to look towards new horizons, set new goals."

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Benedetta Iovane and the nautical world.

Her academic pursuits focused on wave motion and coastal structures, aligning with her subsequent roles at RINA and Fincantieri. Benedetta acknowledges Italy's role as a leader in mega yacht production, emphasizing the importance of blending beauty with function. Since 2015, she has been running a yacht management business, merging theoretical knowledge with practical expertise.

Benedetta's current challenge involves using social media for scientific outreach as an engineer, sailor, and yacht manager. Her story is one of a practical and passionate person navigating the seas of both life and the web.