Alessia Garibaldi, a Milanese architect renowned for her strong artistic vision, earned her degree from the Politecnico di Milano in 2000. Commencing her career with collaborations at esteemed engineering and architectural firms, she honed not only her design acumen but also her technical prowess and organizational aptitude. Her professional journey has been marked by engagement in international projects, notably the Alfa Business Park in the Fiat Alfa Romeo precinct of Arese, where she further refined her skill in interpreting vast industrial and commercial spaces.

Her vision is summarised in the metaphor attributed to Bernard of Chartres “we are dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants”.

This underscores the profound reverence she holds for history within modern culture, serving as the bedrock upon which her distinctive design identity is crafted. Embracing the aesthetic teachings of international rationalism, Garibaldi draws inspiration from formal symmetries, meticulous volumetric orders, and innovative spatial concepts.

Her designs are enriched by a profound study of natural materials and intricate, handcrafted finishes, evoking the splendor of Italian craftsmanship, ingeniously reinterpreted for contemporary sensibilities. Her approach to the architectural profession becomes a narrative that reimagines the past in novel and imaginative ways.