Vèlez Gustavo

Vélez Gustavo was born on October 4, 1975 in Medellín, Colombia. Just before finishing middle school, he devoted himself to art studies in his hometown, which later continued at the "Lorenzo de’ Medici "School in Florence and then completed his training in the laboratories in Pietrasanta in Tuscany.

In 2008, he inaugurated an exhibition which had as its theme the centenary of bilateral relations between these two countries. His last exhibition was in August 2015 in the "Seiho" Gallery in Tokyo.

Recently he has exhibited his works in well-known galleries and museums in China, such as the Imperial City Museum in Beijing. He also participated in fairs such as KIAF in Korea, Art Shanghai in China and Art Stage in Singapore. In 2009 he created a monumental sculpture, Flying, in Korean white marble now positioned in the Art Valley Sculpture Park in Seoul, Korea.


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