Superfluoo ART-DESIGN was born from the research and inspiration that the world transmits to us. Every trip, every sensation and every perfume contaminates our creations. Our goal is therefore to create objects with a soul. We want to bring back the nature that surrounds us. Nature and its extraordinary forms have the ability to build and create designs.

We are focused on creating unique pieces. Works with a personality that therefore recalls the emotions and experiences of the world. The Works are Testimonials within the environments in which they are inserted. Each piece generates unique and recognizable emotions and personalities in belonging to a group. Recycling is a challenge. We have to look at different pieces and materials that are normally discarded. The challenge is a creative drive to grasp the essence of the processes and propose them in a new way. Attention to the environment is always present in the creative process. We use environmentally sustainable materials that protect the world around us and inspire us every day.

Superfluoo is ART-DESIGN, the combination of art and design understood as the constant contradiction between art-craftsmanship and design. The incessant curiosity animates the continuous discovery and rediscovery of evolving nature. Experimentation and experience combines traditional artisan techniques with innovative and environmentally friendly materials. Seeds, vegetables, trees, fruit, animals and rocks enter our laboratory and our minds and come out transformed into unique pieces.


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