Steardo Fulvia Fermi

Steardo's artistic career began from early childhood. The drawing and the use of colors have always been the constant of her existence. Until then, the subjects depicted were an expression of visual art, especially landscapes and still lifes. Her vision of nature and the goods that compose it has always been conditioned by the beauty and everything that can celebrate well-being in life.
The artist's abstract vision is a manifestation of immediate emotion and plays with colors re-inventing them in a kaleidoscopic loop. The artist has always loved to surround himself with aesthetically attractive and precious objects that convey peace and harmony. A strong predisposition and satisfaction in her workmanship are reserved for her by the use of 24kt gold leaf metal, in addition to oil and acrylic.
She is not subject to the longing for continuous evolution and she follows natural inspiration with conviction by submitting to mere creative instinct.
The violence of human emotions and their possible contradictions are the characteristic of her painting. To date, there are no artistic currents capable of contaminating her style.


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