Spano Fernando

Fernando Spano, was born in 1965 in Veglie, lives and works in Lecce. Since 1987 he has participated in contemporary art fairs, collective and personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad.
Recent ones include: the solo exhibition at the Palmieri Foundation in Lecce (2020); the Leopard Biennial in the Palazzo Ducale dei Tomasi di Lampedusa in Agrigento (2021); the solo show at Palazzo Costantino ai Quattro Canti in Palermo (2022); the solo exhibition at the Boutique Resort Hotel Villa Geneva on the lake in New York (2022); the collective "Onria" at the Reggia dei Portici-Napoli (2023), the Pinacoteca in Potenza (2023) and the group exhibition “Contemporary Futurisms: From Boccioni to Guerriero & Epifanie” at Villa Valmarana, Mira (Venice) in 2024. His works are in public collections and private ones including the Renaissance Palazzo Maresgallo in Lecce.


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