From landscape architecture to bio-engineering, from noise mitigation to lighting.


Planeta was founded in 1895, a renowned group of associated enterprises providing a wide range of products, services and activities.

A long list of experiences had been critical for latest expansion through the collaboration with top designers such as Roberto Burle Marx; acquiring certifications from different companies and organisations including ELDA, the European Lighting Designers’ Association and many others. Competences include environmental restoration, urban design, landscape and architectural lighting, maintenance and conservation of architectural heritage and historical sites. These highly specialised divisions are handled and cared for by engineers, landscape architects, surveyors, ecologists, biologists, naturalists, agronomists and humanists with decades of experience.

Planeta collaborates with professionals, companies and suppliers all over the world to make our products and services accessible to everyone.


“The details are not just details. They make the design.”

Botanic knowledge, reason and most importantly, our sensibility in garden and landscape design are the qualities that drive us to design and build the finest gardens in the world, from the smallest and most intimate green space to the biggest and most complex landscape projects worldwide.
The botanic knowledge, a quality that cannot be improvised and that for Paghera means forty years of experience in landscaping and garden design, is the guarantee that inssures the preservation of an everlasting spectacular result, the dream garden ispired by Nature and Mediterranean style.

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