Sarandrea Monica

Monica Sarandrea (1974) was born and currently works in Rome. Nature and its spiritual dimension are the common thread of her artistic research. The sacredness of nature is to her a deep well to draw on to redescover a profound connection between the sensitive and the subtle world. In her paintings, starting from landscape observation, mutability and impermanence are mirrored on the sign across the canvas, a metaphor of the relentless flow of time. Landscape, then internalized, disappears, layer after layer, following a meditative path.

Water and earth are the feminine elements that nourish her work. Working with different materials such as clay, plaster or marble is to her a means to dive into primordial matter, searching for those elements that build us and tie us to the universe. Colours, shapes are redesigned and synthetized following a certain biomorphism, halfway between the animal world and that of human beings. Poetry, in particular, French symbolism, plays a crucial role among her sources of inspiration, on the same level as oriental philosophies imbued with animism.

From 2006 she takes part in exhibitions in art galleries and institutional spaces, contemporary art festivals in Italy and abroad. Her works can be found in private collections in Italy and Europe.


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