Pucci Donato

Donato Pucci, class 1957, graduated in set design for TV at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, begins to collaborate with the Mago Povero theatre company, today called Casa degli Alfieri. He taught plastic decoration at the Art Institute of Asti and continued the specialisation by graduating in photography at the DAMS of Bologna, with Professor Italo Zanier. Between 1985 and the first nineties Pucci exhibited his artistic photos in Milan, Asti and Bologna. The artistic photos were built on negatives with innovative composition techniques ahead of time.
In the following years, he is dedicated to fashion by creating collections for several Italian brands.
Today Donato Pucci creates high-quality design objects using marble, wood and metals from industrial processing waste. One of the bearing values of the brand is in fact sustainable regeneration and re-use of materials, in the spirit of the circular economy.
In the lamp collection, each piece is original and customisable. Every prized marble shred gives the suggestions of light by exploring the potential of the subject that is transformed into a single subject.


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