Nurigiani Isabella

After the diploma in sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, the artistic life of Isabella Nurigiani turns into resolute research on the pure form: a hard and constant plastic exercise the dispositions so as to enter the essence of form, intended as a manifestation Subliminal.
Her approach to sculpture was born from formal freedom, from the strength and power of her feelings. Her works retain essential forms and contact with the primitive nucleus of an idea. The notion of essential form is conceived as a materialization of the sense of meaning.
Creation is experienced as the urgency of the moment, an inner strength that takes shape through the continuous experimentation of different materials. Starting from in-depth research and with a rare and punctual internal dialogue between reasoning and sensitivity for materials and shapes, Isabella Nurigiani bends the material to her will, be it wood, marble, metal, glass, takes on a reading that first undergoes and then is reborn thanks to the alchemy that transforms action into sentimental revolution.
Many participations in personal and collective exhibitions at an international level.


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