Rocchi Luca, L13, was born in Terni in 1978. At the University of Perugia, he graduated in Communication Sciences and began in 2015 by self-taught his pictorial research path. Since 2018 he has been distinguished by participation in numerous international awards, including Art Olympia 2019 (finalist) and 13th two-year contemporary art of Roma Capitale (2020).

He has always been fascinated by art. Art, as a favorite vehicle able to reveal and make posters of the most intimate and inaccessible soul states of the human race, inextricably links the experience of creating a painting with the knowledge of living.
After a research path that L13 has continued for a few years, the cycle of Germogli-Germinate Focus characterized his identity. The sprout is an tool capable of renewing itself, born and reborn cyclically, every time with uniqueness.
Visible, recognizable, and observable from the whole world, extrapolated and placed in the center, it has been focused on the bridge of emotional-empathic contiguity.
Intense and delicate simultaneously, Germinate has become an autonomous entity that lives with its own life, winning space over time, day after day.


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