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Marcapiano is an Italian artist who has created a new artistic genre, defined as "Abstract Figurative Animated ©".
He starts to draw and paint without any academic guidance or reference to any artistic schools. He customizes all the most essential art techniques (oil on canvas, Indian ink, engraving on glass and wood, watercolor, sculpture), making them unique and traceable to his unmistakable style.
These works show his hand as being extremely precise and sure, able to depict even the smallest of detail, and imaginative mind always looking for topics of great complexity and uncommon sensitivity. Key elements stimulate the Artist to constantly experiment with his new techniques applied to different materials.
Innovation, versatility, recognition, technical-executive quality, aesthetic sense, and perfect balance of lines and colors, combined with his excellent transmission, are the key elements that characterize Marcapiano's artistic work.
His strong sensitivity allows him to paint even what is not seen and what he perceives; for this reason, he is often defined as a "Portraitist of Soul".
"Camaleonte", his first oil on canvas, marks the beginning of a copious production of works, systematically cataloged and authenticated, which today consists of more than 150 oils, more than 300 inks, and numerous engravings on glass, sculptures, and watercolors.

Marcapiano exhibits in Italy and abroad, participating in international art events, art biennials, and awards. He wins numerous international awards for drawing and painting.
The elegance and refinement of his creations quickly made him an interesting artist for the world of luxury, and his works are often requested for luxury events and to set up villas, yachts, and superyachts.
For this context, he also creates customized works with colors, themes, and sizes that blend perfectly with the environment.


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