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Andri Ioannou , after graduating in mathematics at the university of Athens, moved to Faenza where she attended some courses at the Art Institute of Ceramics “G. Ballardini”. In 1986, together with Piero Mazzotti, she wrote a book on ceramic technology and decoration entitled “L’Arte della ceramica” and in 1987 started FOS CERAMICHE. Her works have been admitted to many ceramic competitions and also, have been put on show at many exhibitions both in Italy and abroad.
Piero Mazzotti , after obtaining the Art degree at the Art Institute of Ceramics “G. Ballardini” of Faenza, started collaborating with many ceramic studios in USA, Scotland, Greece and Italy. In 1986, together with the ceramist Andri Ioannou, wrote a book on ceramic technology and decoration entitled “L’Arte della ceramica” and, a year later, started FOS CERAMICHE. Since 2013 he has been teaching at the ITS for ceramics in Faenza.
Enea Mazzotti, after a law degree at the University of Bologna, attended the Higher Technical Institute for ceramics in Faenza. After brief experiences with artists including Bertozzi & Casoni, he started working at FOS CERAMICHE where, in parallel with the production of design objects, he dedicated himself to the creation of artistic works.
FOS CERAMICHE is a manufacture of Art and Design that creates handmade porcelain objects in Faenza, the very centre of ceramic production since the 13th century. The idea and the genesis of our objects encapsulate creative thinking, innovative challenge and quality control, in order to tell centuries-old techniques using a contemporary language.


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