Ela Smrcek

Ela Smrček, a vibrant Czech glass artist, was raised in North Bohemia, in the heart of Czech glass industry.
She specialises in glass molten-mould sculptures that are aesthetically simple, yet full of hidden insinuations. Smrček has always been fascinated by nature‘s ability to give her inner peace and energy.
This fascination translates into her sculptures, often inspired by the sea, the forest or the various elements of the weather. Lately, her sculptures have reflected our contemporary society; its hectic way of life, relationships among people, attitudes, religion and the universal approach to humanity.
Her perception of the world is reflected in her art.
It determines the material, choice of glass technique, color, size and final shape of the sculpture. Smrček believes that one should take care of oneself, take care of family, enjoy life,
be tolerant and avoid violence. Some of her sculptures reflect her beliefs
and some simply reflect her love of beautiful art.


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