Di Piazza Silvia

I was born in Carnia, Friuli Venezia Giulia, in 1978. When I was young, I tried a few years with the Institute of Art, although I soon realise that practical sense and desire to make something of my own don't go very well with the hours reluctantly spent on books. I regain my enthusiasm by dedicating myself to some "flower design" courses. It is the opportunity to start a wonderful adventure with the opening of a florist shop in Ovaro (Udine) which for 4 years represents my love nest and the place where I can express my talents with joy and enthusiasm.
Until, almost by chance, I discover activity in which manual skill, imagination and creativity come together in a perfect union; so I began to experiment with the hand-tufting technique by creating the first pure virgin wool rugs. My nest is now in Comeglians, in the laboratory where since 2009 I still manage to get excited by reproducing an artist's work, a child's drawing on canvas or simply letting myself be guided by the emotions and inspiration of the moment.


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