De Luca Andrea

Andrea De Luca is a multifaceted artist. Spokesperson for Italian music at the Biennale of Young Artists of Mediterranean Europe (Tessaloniki '86) he won as a singer-songwriter the Italian J&B Talent scout award at City Square Milan ('91).
As a painter he won the first prize Painting Section of the International Art Biennale of Rome (Romart 2015); in 2016 and 2017 he participated in the Arte Roma Prize "Contemporary Excellence Spirit of Rome" and Arte Roma Prize "Spirit of Modernity from Pop art to Today" (Domitian Stadium); he won the Special Prize of the critics at Genova Collettiva Saturarte (2018); he participated in Arte Fiera Bologna external circuit Art City (2018-2019) and in 2020 he entered the first finalists in the international prize "EneganArt" at the Museo degli Innocenti in Florence.  

A graduate in Philosophy, he works as a trainer at an organization that prepares young people of various nationalities and social backgrounds for work. He likes to mention that it is the students, with whom he has a close daily relationship, who inspire his work, whether it is musical (the album "De Luca," recounts the lives of some of them) or pictorial (Exhibition "Migranti" at Mondadori Milano presented by curator and journalist Angelo Crespi currently director of the MAGA museum in Gallarate).  

The work on which Andrea De Luca built his latest painting project stems from the observation of the natural landscape and how much the impact of the human imprint has subverted, modified, offended it. Man modifies, mortifies, subverts the landscape by imposing wounds on it that nature tries to heal through its resilience. The subtraction of the silicon material from the canvas becomes subtraction of the incidence of human weight where the natural pigment reappropriates the space left finally empty. The material used follows an ecological choice of consistency, allowing for a rediscovery of a declination of colors that do not come from a chemical processing using colors that are available in nature (pigments, plant foods).


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