Chiusano Carla

I was born in Turin in 1964. I left my home-town at the early age of 6 months, to eventually return as a young adult and for a relatively short period. Moving continuously was thrilling, but I needed something that would make me feel at home, a “fil rouge” that would accompany me through these new adventures, something only mine. The art of painting and humoristic drawing became “my very best invisible friends”, they would sit by me at all times, comfort me when most needed, help me to understand what I was experiencing. And the most important thing… they were just mine!
Humoristic drawings have been my way to rebel against society and also a way to communicate my feelings directly to others. I am sorry.... well here is a caricature that will tell you how sorry I feel! It's your birthday, something amazing happened to you... I can humoristically fix that moment so that you will never forget it. For Bulgari made comic book teasing their top clients! a great success!
Life has to be taken seriously but NEVER take yourself or Society too seriously.


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