Artema Galli

Born in Sicily, the artist worked on clay for 30 years. Her workshop is located right in the heart of this magical island whose ceramic production is synonymous with excellence in the world. She attended an apprenticeship at the ceramic factories of Caltagirone "The City of Ceramics" where she learned the ceramic techniques at professional training centers and participated in various exhibitions and markets.
Artema Galli ceramics are born from the hands of an artist who opted for a modern reworking of them. The artist designs and experiments forms linked to the local and non-local ceramic tradition, renewing them in structure and essence. Her creations are characterized by an unmistakable imprint that gives the objects an aura of magic and fairy tale. The colors vary from the brown-yellow of sunny Sicilian countryside to the green of the coastal areas.

The Moor's heads, the so-called "Graste", are born from an ancient Sicilian legend of love and passion. In the artist's ceramics, these become plump, almost naive fantastic, and appear different depending on the side on which they are positioned and the point from which they are observed. Often the back is flat and is decorated with stripes or flowers. All her works seem to speak a magical language common to fairy tales and reality, reviving Sicily's scents, colors, and myths.
Each piece is unique, personally designed, and made entirely by hand according to the most ancient techniques. An object signed by Artema Galli and a unique and handy object for beautifying the home will give you a pinch of the creativity that inspired the artist, a trace of childhood dreams, a breath of the warmth and magic of Sicily.


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