Trentin Valerie

Valerie Trentin was born in Genoa ,where she lives and works. From childhood she has loved to lose herself among pencils and colours , showing a strong disposition to drawing and an initial experimentation in painting.
The focus on studies will make this passion just a pleasant pastime. After graduating and becoming a lawyer the love for drawing and painting re-awakens in her to an even stronger desire to grow as a painter . This leads her to attending various courses until her meeting in 2011 with the Genoese artist Renata Soro, who will help bring out and increase her pictorial skills and sensibility.

Lover of figurative art, and of oil painting , she initially dedicated herself to the representation of nature, in particular of animals. This is followed by a tendency to a representation of much wider images.

Fantastic and mythological creatures; faces with big ,deep eyes; but also boats, antique cars and sports, are some of the subjects, that she loves to paint mainly on large canvases , as well as doing portraits often on commission.
In 2021 she illustrated the book "With dog's eyes, with cat's eyes and other poems" by Mauro Colajacomo - Robin Editions - 2021.
In 2022 she exhibited at the Galata Maritime Museum in Genoa during the exhibition “Rimorchiatori Riuniti from Genoa to the world 100 years anniversary”.

She currently exhibits at the Roberto Rotta Farinelli Contemporary Art Gallery in Genoa.


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