Tesinsky David

David Tesinsky (1990 Czech Republic)

Independent photographer of the people’s stories, subcultures, social documentary and fine art with the main photographic aim to open eyes and kill stereotypes, seek for the controversy and to confront.
“I’ve been covering revolutionary youth in Iran, women warriors in the war-zone in Ukraine, serial killers portraits in Ukraine, gang problem and volunteering lifeguards in Guatemala, tragicomic life of Japanese businessmen, exorcism in Ethiopia, “Rap is our religion” – daily street life of the rappers in Detroit, NY and Baltimore, ghetto life in Jamaica and Ghana, victims of the wilful fires in Amazonia in Brazil, hard-working kids in Ghana, street life of the living legends of roots reggae in Jamaica, Satan church in Czech Republic, long-term project about the drug addicts in Prague and the same subject also in Victoria in Canada, symbolic series “Dictator or Gay?” about the illegal LGBTQ movement in Belarus, fine art satirical series “LIFE IS GOOD!” and many other subcultures and stories.”

“I consider photography as a weapon that can kill stereotypes, as a cure that can open eyes and also a cake that can please you and make you feel good.”

With his camera he traveled to over 60 countries, where he captured people's stories, diverse cultures and focused on environmental matters as he, with his work, follows the United Nations goals. His work has been published in Czech and international magazines and interviews such as: Spiegel, Stern, Le Monde, Vanity Fair, The Guardian, VICE. He won awards and received nominations in the Sony World Photography Awards, World Press Photo, Czech Press Photo, Pictures Of The Year International. He has exhibited his works in Western and Eastern Europe, the USA, Israel etc.


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