Penazzato Simone

Simone Penazzato is a very eccentric and original artist in the province of Venice who is not afraid to experiment and break the mold. His works always maintain a striking aesthetic harmony that give the works a unique and inimitable appearance.
Simone Penazzato is an Italian artist who has become known for his technique of oxidation on metals . Contemporary technique in art can be truly unique, especially when it comes to the use of metals. These materials offer multiple perspectives and colors that can be fully exploited to create truly extraordinary works of art. Contemporary art thus offers us the opportunity to experiment with new forms and techniques, pushing the boundaries of imagination further and further. The use of metals, in particular, allows us to create works that shine with their own light, thanks to their luster and reflection. It is truly a fascinating technique that never ceases to surprise us. His works are unique and very distinctive, often characterized by a strong eccentricity.
The artistic style suon evolved through experimentation and the use of unusual materials such as copper, iron, brass and bronze. The artist also uses bright colors and striking textures to create an immersive visual experience.


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