Nazzarri Isabella

Isabella Nazzarri was born in Livorno in 1987. She lives and works in Milan. In 2011 he graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. She then attended Visual Arts’s class of the Accademia di Brera. In 2013 he won the Griffin Prize for the Student section. Her works are exhibited in private galleries and public spaces in Italy and abroad. Co-founder of Supergiovane, an independent collective project for promoting young artists.
"My work has always spoken of metamorphosis and transformation. I let myself go through the substance, the color and what is evoked by the matter itself. From there comes a process, significant and ritual, which leads me to realise this state of mind in a job. My works are gestural atlases that arise from memories. Not necessarily visual memories, often sensory and synesthetic. Not even personal memories, at least not only. I would often say archetypal memories. The elements that form my language cannot be traced back to a unique meaning, they always fluctuate in an ambivalence that places the viewer in a perceptive short circuit...".


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Nazzarri Isabella

Innesti #57 II - Watercolor on paper

€ 4.880

Nazzarri Isabella

Innesti #65 I - Watercolor on paper

€ 1.464

Nazzarri Isabella

Opera al Bianco #1 - Oil on canvas

€ 4.270

Nazzarri Isabella

Sistema Innaturale #37 - Oil on canvas

€ 6.039

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