Matlight Milano

Matlight Milano is an esteemed Italian lighting brand renowned for its exquisite collections of lamps and luminaires. Crafted with a blend of precious metals like bronze and brass alongside luxurious materials such as marble, onyx, and alabaster, their creations epitomize exclusivity and timelessness. Each piece embodies the fusion of artisanal craftsmanship and modern design innovation, resulting in bespoke creations that harmonize light and material in a unique manner.

The brand's ethos revolves around the notion of "stone at the service of light," wherein every creation showcases the inherent beauty of the materials used, meticulously crafted by skilled Italian artisans. Matlight Milano's designs draw inspiration from various artistic and interior design influences, manifesting in sleek yet highly decorative visual codes that accentuate the allure of stone and metal.

Founded by Matteo Terragni, Matlight Milano reflects his personal vision of combining aesthetic refinement with functional lighting solutions. After a successful career in international finance, Terragni ventured into the realm of design, focusing on illuminotechnical solutions that emphasize the transparency and geometric purity of stone. The brand's collections are characterized by soft, enveloping light that accentuates the natural veining of marble and the luster of metal, offering both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.


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