Itzykson Anne

Itzykson Anne is a french sculptor working in both her studios in Paris and Pietrasanta. Graduated in International Business (ESSEC- France), she follows in 1988 evening classes of sculpture, ceramics and glass blowing at Beaux-Art Paris, then in 1989 ,Academia di Belle Arti of Bologna (Italy).

“This artist does not need much of a biography, for as one can observe, she has worked, for years, to write picturesque stories through her sculptures on the wonders and curiosities of the human body!
Itzykson Anne is highly regarded throughout France for her skills of sculpting such fine and delicate figures, so that one can truly appreciate the delicateness she brings to each art piece, regardless of the difficulty presented before her, from the smallest of formats to very sizeable pieces. She works not only with bronze but also other mediums, such as marble, iron, terra cotta, glass and resine. She records and captures serious moments of life and immortalises them by applying touches of unique and emotional sparks and turning her sculptures energetic, real. She is insatiable of the ephemeral: a smile, an attitude, a soft round-leg, a few curls hair... all fleeting... in real life, yet forever cleverly represented in her sculptures. In an other language she uses legs and feet to give expressions without faces.
The artist has capitalised what we seem to desperately lack in our modern and rational lives: that is sensitivity. With her sculpting tools, she reveals the beauty of life.
Let yourself be surprised by the delicate presence of one of her sculptures and feel the strength it emanates of life itself. Enjoy its energy filled with vibrant passion and soul. Her interpretation of womanhood, sensitive, dense, sensual, tastefully aesthetic, a true work of art towards perfection and strength.”


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