Giannelli Renata

Renata Giannelli was born in Milan , she attended the Polytechnic School of Design coordinated by Bruno Munari, the first one in Italy. After graduating with excellent marks, she studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna.
At the same time she worked as Graphic Designer and illustrator for many Italian publishing houses. These collaborations led her in a few years to be Art Director at the Cappelli and Nicola Milano Editore. For almost a decade she made all the covers and graphic designs of the books edited by both publishing houses. In the same years she studied experimental techniques of graphics arts and handmade paper by attending summer courses at the School of Experimental Graphics in Calella (Barcelona).

She started a hand-made paper workshop in 1991, creating a textured paper which achieved great critical and market success. She joins with "Il Navile" Graphic Editions, well known as a center for research in contemporary art.
Enriched by the experience of creative collaboration with many artists, Renata Giannelli develops her own expressive language and begins her own personal artistic work focused on the use of paper as a Unique Work. Over the decades, her business expands and branches out.

She took part in Contemporary Art Fairs in Italy, France (SAGA-FIAC in Paris, Art Junction in Nice), Germany (Art Multiple in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt Book Fair). In 2004 she was awarded the Excellence Award by the Chamber of Commerce of Bologna, an award for companies that-have distinguished themselves for quality and innovation.
In 2007 she transformed the company into a cultural association to improve artistic research and exhibition activity. In 2013, she created “La Scuola della Carta “and started a specific educational activity about creative applications of handmade paper in art and design. . Since 2015 the Scuola della Carta has been accredited for the training internships for the students of the specialist course in graphic art and illustration of the Academy of Fine Arts.
She teaches Paper Art at the Academy of Fine Art in Bologna.


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