Biasetti Valentina

After graduating in graphic design at the Art Institute of Parma, she attended the painting course at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, where she immediately demonstrated a strong aptitude for drawing, this feature, will be the fundamental point around which she will turn all her contemporary artistic research.
Valentina graduated in 2005 with final vote of 110 and lode, the thesis consists of an artist's book SECRET ROOMS where Valentina has elaborated a series of drawings and a short text, which tells the story of an imaginary voyage in which Valentina is accompanied by poetess Emily Dickinson.

From 2002 begins the exhibition activity with solo and group exhibition. Uma Gallery (Novara), Pinacoteca di Varallo (VC), Quam Gallery (Scicli), Project Gallery (Athens), Zaion Gallery (Biella), Gare82 Gallery (Brescia), Venice Art Project (Venezia), Museo Civico di San Rocco (Ravenna), Galleria Cartavetra (Firenze), Museo civico di Asolo (TV), Museo Civico di Padova (PD).

For a few years ago Biasetti’s artworks are present in some Italian Art Fairs.

Her current research is developed as a discourse around the figure and the object in the space, in relation to the empty space that surrounds it, with the colours and the pictorial gesture. Full and empty space are the theme of imaginary dialogue between the figures drawn, suspended in a surreal silent space, a suspended space as a poetic place. “When someone asks me what is my profession, I answer : I'm Independent Walker, because I think the art is eternal voyage and I walk around of this.”


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