Exit of the museum, with a collection of succulents imagined by the landscape architect Madison Cox. Photo credits - © Dan Glasser (pages 200-201).

Published by Phaidon, the book tells all the remarkable facts about the construction of the YSL Museum in Marrakech. Designed by Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty (Studio KO), the project admirably blends architecture, fashion, and art.

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A model of the museum in red Verona marble by Miza Mucciarelli / Atelier Misto for Studio KO. Photo by Marta Pirlo

Conceived as a diary, this book documents the 1,423 days it took to design, build, and inaugurate a beloved architecture and fashion destination.
From the moment the up-and-coming French-Moroccan practice Studio KO received a call from YSL's longtime partner Pierre Bergé to the opening of the museum's doors in 2017. One month after Bergé died.
As a celebration of sixty years since his debut on the catwalk, the Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent Foundation presents an exceptional event to commemorate the French designer. In collaboration with six prestigious Parisian Museums, until May 15, 2022.

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YSL c-Pierre Bergé

The exhibition, entitled Yves Saint Laurent aux musées, is a unique event. The designer's career is reviewed in various venues while celebrating his great love for fashion and art.
The French couturier had great admiration for Pablo Picasso and was constantly inspired by works of art, as evidenced by his collections dedicated to Mondrian, Matisse, Braque, Van Gogh, Warhol.

Fp Art also likes to travel through the suggestions and contaminations between fashion and art. The daily practice and the experience of many years of work allow the Genoese studio to realize accurate tailor-made projects where customers' needs are respected and valued. Always with particular attention to details, shapes, and materials, closely collaborating with highly experienced Italian artists and artisans. A showcase well exemplified by the Fp Art Online gallery, a vehicle of style worldwide. Benetta Enrico, Opoggio, Donato Pucci.