View of the historical center of Genova, northern Italy.

The new book “PESTO & CO, Basilico & Portofino Lovers” has now been published by Se Ghe Pensu. This fantastic Ligurian recipe book reveals many creative uses of the famous Pesto sauce.

The great versatility of pesto makes you want to use it both in traditional and modern recipes. In addition to being the classic condiment for trofie and trenette pasta types, gnocchi and minestrone, this book will reveal that you can prepare and flavor many more dishes with pesto.
pesto & co, basilico and portofino lovers

You will discover all the secrets for making excellent lasagna, battolli, croquettes and panisette. Also, quick and delicious snacks like bruschetta, focaccia, salty cakes, and salads. A world of taste inspired by ancient grandmothers' recipes books, revisited in a contemporary way.

Raw materials are needed to prepare an excellent homemade pesto of great quality. If you want it fabulous, we recommend using a mortar.

Pesto is the perfect example of seasoning for a good Mediterranean diet, and it is considered a concentrate of health in the dish: cold preparation, large omega 3 and low carbohydrate content.

pesto sauce making, garlic and basil, pasta al pesto

Pesto sauce, in the making. The book reveals the secrets to the best pesto you can prepare.

"Se Ghe Pensu" brand's name is inspired by the title of a well-known Ligurian song that today became a musical. Its music makes the spectators travel, especially among the "creuze" of the historic center of Geona's city. All these music evocations are part of the best regional traditions of Liguria, something that needs to be preciously preserved, like the pesto recipe.

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