"The Gardens of Eden", garden and architecture book preview by Gestalten

One of the fastest trends concerns the care of greenery. Whether it's a balcony in the city, a lush garden, a rooftop vegetable garden, or a veritable greenhouse, more and more people are now dedicating themselves to caring for domestic plants.
But that's not enough. Respect for the environment also goes through our garden. So, the experts support us with valuable tips, which we can summarize in reuse, reduce, and recycle.

By following straightforward rules, it is possible to make one's environmental contribution through sustainable gardening, which, following a few small tricks, will become one of the noblest activities one can do for satisfaction and that of the planet.

To begin with: keep pests away using natural methods. The same applies to fertilizers. Compost as much as possible so as not to pollute the environment, and recycle as much as possible. Use rainwater collection for watering, and preferably grow plants native to the place where you live. Producing your fruit and vegetables gives excellent satisfaction!

Let's get used to accepting the little animals that regulate the ecosystem of our sustainable garden. Many animals are, in fact, excellent natural pests, such as bees and butterflies.

gardens of eden, the book

"The Gardens of Eden", garden and architecture book by Gestalten

But if we also want to find out how to make our sustainable garden beautiful, creating green spaces according to our needs and lifestyles, a book comes to our aid (even with lovely illustrations).

Its title is THE GARDENS OF EDEN. NEW RESIDENTIAL GARDEN CONCEPTS & ARCHITECTURE FOR A GREENER PLANET co-curated by Gestalten & Abbye Churchill and published by Gestalten.

This volume provides:

  • A concrete response to the new trends in residential garden architecture;
  • 23 projects that combine creativity and technical knowledge;
  • Implementation skills and tips.

Through these examples, realized worldwide, a contemporary botanical culture's portrait is composed, which includes biodiversity and the environmental challenges of our time. There is much practical information on the different climatic zones and soil types and valuable tips for practicing more sustainable gardening.

gardens of eden. the book

"The Gardens of Eden", garden and architecture book by Gestalten

For further inspiration, Fp Art Online aims to update visitors to the site on new outdoor trends and offer them ideas and suggestions for making their green areas unique and exclusive.

With the inclusion of site-specific artworks in natural environments, often realized to satisfy even the most punctual requests, we have the satisfaction of contributing to spreading Italian beauty around the world.