"Dancing Pumpkin" (2020) urethane paint on bronze

The Garden was founded in 1891 on the initiative of botanist Nathaniel Lord Britton and his wife Elizabeth, in collaboration with the City of New York.

For its creation, the City made available a land of 100 hectares of public property, part of Bronx Park. With contributions from New York's wealthiest and most influential families. 

In addition to gardens, groves, arboretums, herbaria, lawns, ponds, paths, and a forest, the New York Botanical Garden includes some impressive buildings.

new york botanical garden bronx kusama

New York Botanical Garden, Kusama

In this evocative context, valuable artistic projects' blossom'. Site-specific installations were created in collaboration with artists who make the combination of Nature-Art their moral purpose. 

Among those hosted, the exhibition "Kusama: Cosmic Nature", held in 2021, which celebrated the awakening from the long sleep of the pandemic, deserves mention. With this project, the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama paid homage to the City where she lived for fifteen years, between the 1950s and 1970s.

life fiberglass sculpture new york botanital garden

On the left: "Life" (2015) fiberglass-reinforced plastic, tiles, and resin. On the right: Kusama, view of the New York Botanical Garden

Her polka dot pumpkins, tentacles, and optical illusions have invaded the NYBG. They are combining her 'creative obsession' with her interest in nature.

The exhibition showed Kusama's harmony with the natural world, from the first sketches of flowers from her family's nursery to the most recent gigantic site-specific works with botanically inspired forms. With all the vibrant energy and the tremendous evocative power that nature expresses in her visual language.

Polka Dots on the Trees, new york botanical garden

On the left: "Ascension of Polka Dots on the Trees" (2020/2021) printed polyester fabric, bungees, and aluminum staples. On the right: “I Want to Fly to the Universe” (2020) urethane paint on aluminum

That unique experience between Nature and Art relived in the gorgeous book "Kusama: Cosmic Nature", published by Rizzoli/Electa, through drawings, paintings, sculptures, and archive photographs. The perfect natural place is the setting for her colorful works.

For some time, Fp Art has been working with leading companies in gardens and the construction of swimming pools, terraces, and vertical installations, which are internationally renowned.

Pursuing the same mission of Fp Art, firms spread the "Made in Italy" in the world.
Fp Art presents to the public its collection of sculptures and tailor-made creations for the outdoors to the public, using a well-prepared team of internal and external collaborators, capable of responding to every desire, with refined attention to detail to best harmonize nature and art. Among the works proposed for the outdoors, we point out: 
Fp Art Collection, Camilla Ancilotto, Enrico Benetta, Daniela Capaccioli, FG Faravelli, Bruno Lucchi.

outdoor sculptures for gardens fp art online

On the left: "Oltre" (2018) corten steel sculpture, FG by Faravelli. On the right: “Chateau De Champs Sur Marn” (2016) wiremesh painted in epoxy resin sculpture, Capaccioli Daniela