In this captivating conversation, Marco Bisagno shares his remarkable journey and expertise acquired over 50 years in the shipyard industry. As the son-in-law of a renowned ship transformer, Bisagno reflects on his early years and the gradual expansion of their services due to growing client demands.

Highlighting significant milestones, he recounts their groundbreaking collaboration with La Sec on the Silver ships, the successful construction of the Mariotti boats, and the transformation of the Minerva spy ship into a captivating cruise vessel for culture enthusiasts. Bisagno details the meticulous process of acquiring, renovating, and repurposing the Dionea and Ambriabella ferry ships into exquisite yachts. Underscoring the importance of collaboration, Bisagno explains their partnership with the Ceccarelli family, resulting in the establishment of the esteemed company, Amy.

From luxurious ship conversions to pioneering collaborations, his legacy stands as a testament to the artistry and adaptability that define his craft.

Throughout the video, Bisagno emphasizes the rewarding nature of their work, as well as the vital relationships formed with shipowners and customers. As they navigate current challenges and engage in frequent discussions with architects, Bisagno reveals their ongoing venture into constructing a cutting-edge military ship, the "SDO-SuRS," designed to conduct submarine rescues at remarkable depths. The conversation concludes by applauding Bisagno's unwavering commitment to excellence, adaptability, and customer satisfaction, making him an icon in the shipyard industry.