First part of the conversation. Paszkowski's design team currently develops custom one-offs, to series builds, to refits, penned by Francesco Paszkowski, and offers onboard architectural solutions, custom-designed furniture and lighting systems. Drawing after drawing, day after day, yachts that are destined for owners and shipyards the world over take shape every day at the eponymous design firm, thanks to the team’s strong and collaborative approach. Tailored to the client’s bespoke specifications, every new design is a one-of-a-kind creation.

"Creativity is a blend
of information
and culture."

Since 2006 the studio has relied on the support of Margherita Casprini, an independent professional architect. With her experience at Spadolini studio, she collaborates for interior design with Francesco Paszkowski and his team. Francesco Paszkowski e Margherita Caspirini