Szutor Ribana

Author of over one hundred works, including paintings, drafts and drawings, Ribana Szutor was influenced by great masters such as Pablo Picasso, Emilio Vedova and Jackson Pollock.
Thanks to her early artistic talent, in 1999 she won the National Prize for painting in Romania. After finishing her studies, she began her artistic career exhibiting her works in fairs, galleries and museums in places like Monte Carlo, Los Angeles, Dubai, New York, Lugano, Rome, Milan, Venice and Barcelona.
Like other artists she made her debut starting with the “black period” where the leitmotif are the large portraits and floral compositions. In the artistic field, as well as in the literary field, THE SACRED AND PROFANE LOVE, means to add to the ideal of the angelic woman, the decadent aesthetic one. The solitary artist and the strong individualism philosophy are opposed to positivism and naturalism.

The new incarnation of the woman is perfectly reflected in paintings in which she is represented as an unscrupulous and destructive being (“la femme fatale”), disturbing the masculine society with a model of independent woman capable of elevating a new social and intellectual state. The female body declares itself as an object of painting, sculpture, poetry. “The woman in my paintings declares her curves, her sensuality, her desires and fragility inviting you to look at her soul, emotions felt in a fleeting instant immortalizing them forever in a moment that does not change and becomes eternal. She is not born like that: she becomes one. It’s always a search for the gaze and the soul…”.


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