Stein Lia

Reflecting the photographer’s truly professional spirit, Lia Stein’s activity has always taken two different directions: work on commission and artistic photography. For her, these two, apparently distant, spheres are two parts of the same modus operandi, which, starting from curiosity requires great discipline to obtain results that are always very precise.

The most evident characteristic of her output is her versatility, which has led her to work for leading Italian magazines, such as AD, Specchio, Amica, Anna, Arte e Antiquariato and Donna Moderna, and publishers like Rizzoli, Mondadri and Electa, in a variety of areas, including photojournalism, fashion, portraiture, architecture, animals for books, calendars, encyclopedias and advertising campaigns, and photographic decorations for interiors. The same versatility is also found in her artistic work that has always comprized a broad range of themes, extending from the study of printing techniques of the past to that of the relationship between the descriptive and interpretive image in the digital field applied to the urban and natural landscape.

These are aspects that are to be found in the numerous solo and group exhibitions of her work that have been staged in galleries and as part of artistic events in Italy and elsewhere. She lives in Milan and works in her L'Atelier.


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