Landscapers, architects, leaders of complex restoration and territorial transformation.


A history started in 1865, more than 150 years ago, that has always grown strictly in contact with nature. 

A history imprinted in the genetic code: "pagher", in ancient Brescia dialect means "fir" and in a wider sense - "forest". Five generations of nurserymen that, one after the other, have thoroughly studied the nature capturing its every secret.

In 2017 Paghera has been confirmed as the 1st company in Europe in the design and realization of landscapes. Works on prestigious works began, like the Presidential garden in Astana, a multifunctional centre in front of the Giza Pyramid, or the restyling of Fanarah resort, also in Egypt. Diametrically opposed projects for style, culture and temperature, that make clear the company’s versatility, capable of creating earthly paradises in every condition.


Paghera's Italian gardens: botanic knowledge, reason and sensibility.

Botanic knowledge, reason and most importantly, our sensibility in garden and landscape design are the qualities that drive us to design and build the finest gardens in the world, from the smallest and most intimate green space to the biggest and most complex landscape projects worldwide.
The botanic knowledge, a quality that cannot be improvised and that for Paghera means forty years of experience in landscaping and garden design, is the guarantee that inssures the preservation of an everlasting spectacular result, the dream garden ispired by Nature and Mediterranean style.

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