Scalavino Maria Antonietta

"Graduated at the Artistic High School of Palermo, I continued my artistic studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Palermo.
As a student, my interest was concrete in experimenting with different artistic languages, for example, the performance to which it followed an exhibition in Seville. Following the study of the calcographic engraving in particular of the technique of the dry and etched tip of the etcher led me to a study focused on the subject and its volumes.

Over the years my passion for art has led me to recognize a therapeutic value able through a sign or a stain to express your inner world. In 2018 I obtained the Master in Art Therapy at Art Therapy. In 2020 I participated in the selection of the thousands of Sgarbi III edition, at the Biennale of Normanni and in 2021 at the Budapest Biennale."


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