Savini Maura

Pencil drawing, gold leaf, engraving, and oil painting, Maura Savini uses and reinvents ancient tools, creating a contemporary and innovative abstract language.
The compositions have always been inspired by plant forms which offer inspiration for an emotional story in which light and its reflection make the observer a participant and actor in the manifestation of the image. The artist involves us as we resonate with the movement of her leaves compositions, which lead the eye to dance and the heart to beat. 

Born in Milan on the 12th of October 1971, Savini was initially trained at the Genoa Ligustica Academy and graduated from the Urbino Academy of Fine Arts in 1994 with a thesis entitled "Artistic interpretations of plant forms".

She exhibits her works creating exciting three-dimensional settings and involving the public in the creation of unique and unrepeatable moments. The very sophisticated and original techniques are used by Savini to "give a physical body to the emotions," which can thus become shareable. Her works can be found in private collections all over the world.


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