Romano Davide

"I have a passion for drawing since childhood, at the time it was not very easy to express myself because they were still the years when the teachers of the maternal and elementary schools had to teach you to write with the right hand, and being left-handled I kept on opposing. Luckily, in a short time they gave up, otherwise, maybe I wouldn't be able to draw like I do today. No matter what the design or the difficulty in realising it is, I always have to try, almost like a challenge to myself, how to say "Who am I to fail?!".
I have a real passion for all forms of drawing on every type of surface, in fact, I also am a tattoo artist and tend to always experiment with new ones. After 30 years I am very passionate about hyperrealism and I started studying the various aspects, technicians and not, everything is always self-taught.
I am very satisfied with my work and I know it will take me very far. With my drawings, I want to excite in any way the person who looks at them and see all the emotions, from person to person." R.D.


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