Profumo Marina

Marina Profumo was born in Ceranesi, province of Genoa. She studied business administration but soon began to devote herself to painting.
She can mix different materials, she never gets tired of deep artistic instigation with her ironic and acute gaze, ranging between different fields, economics, politics, religion, environment. Her style is personal, far from localism and current. A constant denunciation through experimentation of different materials and languages without ever reaching a definitive goal, to be in continuous evolution.
A journey that begins in silence. Only at the end of the nineties, she decides that the moment of confrontation with the public has come. She exhibits in Italian cities such as Rome, Milan, Turin, Genoa, Florence and abroad such as Stockholm, Chicago, Copenhagen, Prague, Uppsala, Berlin, London.
Her works were published in magazines and catalogues in the sector. She currently lives and works in Genoa, Italy.


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