Ottanio Jack

"My dream is to know that every day, looking at one of my paintings hanging on the wall, people can smile and feel good". This is what the author states. Pisces in love, futurist cities, postcards of imaginary towns and villages, masks, are the subjects that Ottanio prefers. His paintings are a synthesis of the Gothic stained glass windows of Chartres, American Pop Art and Futurism. The stained glass windows of Chartres cathedral seems to be the origin of the author's research, for the chromatic choices, the geometries used and his function. Stained glass windows in the Middle Ages were able to stun the faithful thanks to the rich palette of colored glass that the kaleidoscopic light made vibrate.
Jack Ottanio wants to entertain, diverge from the dark and tiring reality and he does so by reproducing it in an exasperated and deformed way, a modality typical of American Pop Art. The author inherits the aesthetic conception of dynamism from Futurism, enhancing the cult of modernity and technology.

di Vittorio Sgarbi (Art Now di Gennaio 2021)


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