Monroe Michael Ethridge

Originally from Wynne, Arkansas, Michael Monroe Ethridge was born with creative genetics, as his mother was an avid artist. From a young age, Michael’s mother mentored him in oil-based painting, helping to develop his artistic ability. His mother also instilled a love in Michael for music and dance and contributed to his “Hollywood” personality.
During his younger years in the 70’s (the “Sex, Drugs, & Rock ‘n’ Roll era), psychedelic influences of culture were in full swing. At this time, although his initial training was in realism, Michael gravitated towards the free-spirited style of abstract art, using water-based acrylic paints. This style made Michael feel unrestricted to embrace his bold use of color.
Today, Michael still resides in Naples, FL with Lisa. He remains active in painting across all mediums, saying, “With its bright sunshine and beautiful skies, Florida offers me the inspiration and positive muse to embrace my ever-evolving creativity.”


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