Miranda Rita

Miranda Rita was born in Todi, where she lives and works. After combining design and painting with scientific studies, she identified ceramics as the most suitable way to summarise her expressive needs with sensitivity and inspiration to the forms of nature.

The personal artistic journey continues with numerous appearances in prestigious events, including the 4th Biennial Shanghai International Contemporary Porcelain in 2014 and 2015 with the exhibition at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome as part of the Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture exhibition in Italy. ,
In 2017 she was awarded the silverback for the work presented at the biennial "L'acqua meraviglia della terra". Rocca Flea, Gualdo Tadino (PG) and participates in the exhibition" Forms born from seeds" in the Shinto temple of Hamamatsu. Japan.
In October 2018 she was selected for an exhibition at the prestigious Taoxichuan Ceramic art avenue in JingDezhen- China.


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