Marcolini Laura

Laura Marcolini was born in Arco di Trento in 1968, where she still lives and works. She graduated in graphic design and visual communication. She has been the owner of an advertising agency since 1994 and a graphic design teacher at the Libera Academy Belle Arti BS in 2015.
Together with her passion for graphic design, she approaches her love for sculpture, where she expresses herself using materials such as bronze, clay, and resin.

The issues that fascinate it most concern the psychological investigation of the human being. The characters translated by the artist each show us their limits, transporting us into silent stories transcribed with synthesis skills, which lead us to reflect on the links and the lightness of daily relationships. Figures are almost always represented with closed eyes, indifferent to the events that affect the world, and, for this reason, loaded with emotional power. Men and women are suspended between intuition and perception, accomplices in refined happiness, deliberately fragmentary, responsible for knowledge and control of one's fragility. Constantly in the balance between contradictions and lightness of existence in continuous change, finally aware that the ability to reflect Before showing any reaction. It allows you to exclude what indignant us from thought, free the imagination, and lead us to detachment from that harmful fragility that prevents man from growing, improving, and evolving.

This is the key to reading Laura Marcolini's work. The exceptional normality of the human being invites those who observe to recognize themselves and build their narrative.


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