Maranelli Martina

Maranelli Martina (Rovereto, 1988) attends her last year of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. In 2019 she is a finalist of the Prize for Painting presented by the Paolina Brugnatelli Foundation in Milan. In 2021 she held the workshop Fra(m)menti of paper at the education area of MART in Rovereto.
Like a diviner in search of water and precious metals, Maranelli casually moves around the environment in search of natural materials, mainly paper, which she reduces into very small fragments and then reassembles them into a whole, glueing and adapting them to a new shape.
"The work is created as nature creates life in all its forms, with what it has available. Thus, with my works, through torn, pre-formed, pre-arranged scraps of paper, I create a structure that transforms itself into a cohesive thought.”


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