M. G. D'Auria

M.G. d’Auria is an Italian painter born in Genoa, September 1947. The Ligurian artist lives and works between Genoa and New York. Her painting passion was born in the early twenties, but her dedication to art began in the 1990s. D'Auria's path started with a meticulous artistic language but always full of vitality and determination, it then transformed into a dynamic and abstract form of contemporary art.
Her works are animated by different emotional temperatures, proof of their authenticity free from schemes and formulas, expression of strong creative intensity, by a personal dynamism that goes far beyond the dimensions of the canvas. M.G. d’Auria's passion for color is demonstrated by the use of very bright hues. Her works feature mixed media: oil, acrylic, enamels, stucco, china. The works of M.G. d’Auria have been exhibited at events and exhibitions, private collections in Italy, Paris and New York.


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