Lucarini Valentina Orejon

From my earliest memories, I have been captivated by my family’s artisanal workshop, immersing myself in the ancient art of lost-wax casting. This craft, an heirloom, is reflected in my meticulous selection and reinterpretation of materials traditionally used as casting tools.

My work innovates while celebrating the philosophical and anthropological roots of this ancient process, exploring and rejuvenating the values of Memory and Spirituality. Materials for sculptural imaging are transformed into votives, reliquaries, and modern icons, representing contemporary aesthetics. Objects typically discarded are given new significance, highlighting their evolution and reminding us of life's fragility.

My work has been showcased in various esteemed exhibitions and art fairs, including the "13th International Sculpture Festa" in Seoul (2024), "Wunderkammer. Una collezione privata" in Viareggio (2023), "Femminile plurale" in Trecastelli (2023), "Kisa" and "Carve, Cast, Crack - Ways of Sculpture" in South Korea (2022), and "Unity in Diversity" in Dubai (2021). I also held a solo exhibition, "Memento Vivere," in Pietrasanta (2022), delving into themes of life's fragility and human existence.

In my article "L’anima Sacra delle cose," I explore the interpretation of Memory and Presence, questioning if souls could be relics and how objects can evoke profound, resonant emotions.


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